What surface can you use this on?

Any painted, sealed surface including glass, chrome and gel coat and fiberglass.  Also works great on plastic panels like golf carts.


Is there any silicone in this product?

No, there is NO silicone or carnauba wax in this product.  We use Acrylic resin which is far superior in feel and durability.


How long does the coating last?

Depends on your envirnment.  If you live at the beach.. 4-6 months.  If you live away from salt water... 5-9 months.

However the more you use it, the deeper the shine and gloss become.


What is the shelf life of the product?

If stored at room temperature 4-5 years.


What is the best way to use the product?

Really easy!  Spray... wipe.... buff...

But if you are a pro and are looking for speed, follow this...

ONE- Black out black plastic and trim with our tire and trim product.

Do not worry about getting it on the paint.

TWO- Use a soft terry cloth towel to apply. (Remove the tags from all towels) Shake our product well before use. Start with one body panel at a time, usually the roof and work down.  Spray the  waterless product on and wipe in, follow the direction the wind flows over the car (deepens the shine trick). DO NOT BUFF OF THE HAZE.  Haze the entire vehicle up.

THREE- Now, take a buffing towel, we prefer a microfiber.  Start removing the haze.  You will notice how CRAZY slick it is immediately. 






Waterless is the FUTURE!
All Vehicles... Cars ... Boats... Motorcycles... Aircraft! NOTHING Cleans Better... Polishes Out Fine Scratches Better... NOTHING is as SLICK or Protects from Harmful UV Like Alien Waterless!
Why is it So Special?
Here are a few reasons...
• It is Harder and more Abrasion Resistant than Carnauba Wax
• It is Slicker than any coating other than Teflon
• Beads and Sheds water like crazy
• It is Awesome for Glass, Chrome, Powdercoated and Painted Surfaces It is EASY to Use, for Example...
• You can apply it to a hot surface
• You can apply it to a semi-wet surface
• You can leave the haze on the vehicle for up to 3 days and it will easily buff off
• It resists all finger prints on Chrome and Glass
• It is even an excellent In Home cleaner, excellent on electronics
No More... Wash, Dry, Wax! Two to Three Hours!
Now, Spray, Wipe Buff! in 15-20 Minutes!
Nothing beats our feel, or durability. Acrylic Resin is the Secret. Awesome on Glass, Chrome, Paint, Powdercoat, and Fiberglass!
In 1997 when we developed Alien Waterless we were after a few goals... Maximum Durability, Shine and Feel with the EASIEST and Most Trouble Free Application Process. That is why we developed our product with Acrylic Resins and not Carnauba or Silicone. 100% Money Back Guarantee!
A Few of Our Fans...
I used this against three other quick detailer type products and this is FREAKING AWESOME! My 69 is Looking Fine! Easy on... Easy off and it goes forever! Great Product!
T. Halloway - TN
I can not believe this product is as slick as it is... It looks like a new clear coat! Wish I would have purchased the Gallon, and I definatley like the bigger trigger system. Andrew - AL
I was skeptical about using this on my boat, it had a little oxidation on it. We polished it with the metal polish to remove the oxidation and sealed it with the Alien Waterless... Duuuude! It is Crazy Awesome, will send you a picture!
J. McMillian - FL
I have an Indian motorcycle and I can say I have been using other waterless products for years and Alien Waterless crushes them. I will say that the 16oz with the "hand" trigger is not motorcycle friendly but I appreciate customer service sending me the extra 8oz bullet looking bottle, it is perfect for keeping in the saddle bag.
Go Gators! K. Allen - FL
I received my sample today. I tried it on my Corvette and I am very impressed. I used the Ice product before and this is much better, easier and it smells so much better. Other products have a bad chemical odor and Alien Waterless doesn't.
R Baldock - Indiana


This is the most awesome tire and dash

product you will ever use.


Always dries with no greasy slim to sling all over your clean vehicle.

Ultra HIGH Gloss or wipe down for a matte NEW look.

Exceptional UV protection.


To use as an Engine Degreaser... simply spray entire area and allow to sit for 30 minutes... wipe away excess.


• Repair Oxidized Automotive Headlights
• Oxidized Marine Gelcoats
• Removes Minor Scratches in Painted Surfaces!
• Stainless • Aluminum • Brass and More!


This product has won three awards.  It is the easiest and most forgiving metal polish you will ever use.

Simply apply and rub to desired shine... polish the finish with a clean terry.

It's easy, it's fast, it's ALIEN Technology!

Aluminum • Brass • Stainless • Gold • Silver... You Name It! 


Nothing beats the POWER of our Metal product. 

Also used to remove oxidation on any painted surface, including fiberglass.


Cleans and conditions all leather products.

Seats, furniture, clothing, hats... if it's leather...

It needs our Leather CleanerConditioner.




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